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There are several small towns alongside the bay area of Victoria which can be idyllic for special functions and parties. If you wish to plan a weekend function or to spend some time with friends or family members, choosing Portarlington would be a wise decision. This coastal destination offers a contrasting environment compared to the city life of Melbourne. At the same time, the scenic bay side beaches and landscape can prove to be idyllic to spend a day or two here.

What to expect?

When you explore the waterfront precinct that belongs to Geelong, it would not take you long to travel to Portarlington from here. Indeed, many people travel around this area easily during a weekend trip, taking in the sights and sounds of Geelong along with beaches by Corio Bay or the historic landmarks that dot Queenscliff region. Portarlington lies in the midst and can be a quiet escape from a city life. There is a quaint local village that is wonderful to explore as well. Blue mussels are famous here as well as the Mussel Festival that is held every year here during the month of January. That would indeed be a great time to plan a trip to Portarlington. You could even plan to host a wedding here after checking out the possible best wedding venue Geelong.

Attractions for the guests

You will find several hotels and function rooms at restaurants that can accommodate a party for any special occasion. It is indeed a norm that has become common for many city dwellers living here. If you are planning to host your guests through a best wedding venue booking in Geelong you can also ensure a wonderful time for them here. There are several ways to explore the sights of the Geelong city along with Queenscliff region or the Corio Bay. You can easily arrange guided tours for your guests as well as visit the scenic harbor areas. Here there are several guest accommodation options as well as shopping areas for your guests to explore.

It would certainly be a wonderful idea to plan your wedding at the coastal village of Portarlington. With panoramic views of the bay area you can get married in the open and host your guests with wonderful menu options provided by many function rooms and restaurants here. There are several event organizers who know the local services to set up the necessary arrangements for city guests without any hassle. Hence, an old world charm can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding and an enjoyable vacation for your guests.


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